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Briefing of the Goals and Plans of this website

Right Gentlemen, listen up... We've got work to do...
This campaign will take quiet some time, in the order of some years. As we proceed you will notice that we will gain constantly toward or goal. First I will tell you the goals, then the plans how to get there, and after we reached our goals. Our Goals are:
  • Primary goal is to create a website about all World War 2 aircraft. There are about 600 different designs that were used operationally in the military during World War 2, so, you can see why exactly this campaign will take years
  • Secondary goal is to amass a staggering amount of data about these aircraft, and save it for the future.
  • Tertiary goal is just fun. Your commander, that's me, just happens to like these aircraft
OK, Now you know the goals, but not the plans how to get there, or what to do after that:
  • Plan No. 1: In order to create this enormous database, we just have to keep enetering data in our database, and generate those pages.
  • Plan No. 2: During the campaign we will seek continuous improvement of the quality, gaining in accuracy and completeness. We will leave not one target untouched, and do our job thoroughly.
  • Plan No. 3: After all aircraft are done, or maybe even during this campaign, we'll start another one. The new campaign will discuss all and any weapons used during the same era: World War 2. To limit this a little, only the guns, cannons, bombs, rockets, ammo, torpedoes and avionics used in the aircraft will be discussed.

Right gentlemen, Let's go out there and do our job! Dismissed....
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